Documents needed for final clearance ( Unilorites only)

Congratulations again to the admitted students. As the online clearance is on-going, it is important to know the documents needed for your final clearance. The documents needed to be submitted to your Level Adviser (LA) for the final clearance are:
1. Photocopies of your O'level result(s) and scratch card(s)
2. State of Origin
3. Jamb original result
4. Change of course printout for those whose course was changed
5. Jamb reg slip
6. Admission letter

7. Birth certificate ( if you don't have go to court for age declaration)
8. Red background passport (minimum of 12)
9. And any other document you feel its important.
Well, as for now, we have not seen anybody who has done his/her final clearance and we perceive that it "MIGHT" start by January. But nonetheless, if there's any change, we will let you know

NB: clearance is still ongoing so don't panic if you're not yet cleared. Its dept by dept.

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