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8 injured as gunmen raid a town in Bayelsa state

Unknown gunmen on Monday, hijacked a 115 horsepower
passenger speedboat along the Keme-Ebiama andoh yeah
Ogboinbiri waterways in Bayelsa State.
According to report by Isedirikonghen Ebi. Alhaji, the
assailants shot and attacked passengers and boat driver
with machetes. They also dispossessed them of all
valuables including the sum of one million Naira. His report
Immediately, we spread the information around and a
search team of Azuzuama origin also set out and finally,
help come the way of the victims from good Samaritans
who delivered them to us.
At a government owned hospital where the victims are
currently receiving medical treatment, they narrated to us
what happened to them as follows;
"We left home around 7am and on getting to a T-junction,
leading to Gbaraun Community, we appeared to a waiting
speedboat with mast men.
Immediately we drove them bye, they started chasing us.
Since the area is not too far from the Ogboinbiri flow station
where there is security presence, our driver refused to
slowdown for them. In that instance, they started shooting
at us in a closed to 10munites chase.
When it was obvious that we can't escape them, some of us
removed the lifejackets they were on and jumped into the
river and swim for safety.
At that time, the three of us had received gunshots at
different parts of our body so we couldn't remove our
lifejackets so we jumped off the boat with it. When we
landed on the water, we couldn't swim faster with the
jackets nor dive deep into the water to escape them.
"At that point, they captured our boat and surrendered us
with the guns, pulled us out on the water into the boat,
searched our pockets and dispossessed us of everything
and started cutting us with machetes allover our bodies
Egbe-emi Isaac, a civil servant and pastor of Power of
Resurrection Ministry, Azuzuama, who had about four deep
cuts on his skull and gunshot injuries at his back said he
was traveling to Uniport, Port Harcourt, for academic
clearance and was with all his documents. All he asked for
was his bag containing his documents which angered the
gunmen to inflict these grave injuries on him.

As at filing this report, all the three victims are undergoing
x-ray ahead of possible surgery.
According to the driver, all onboard the boat were 8
passengers and loads of crayfish, meat (including my
alligator), fish and cash over one million naira.
"When I put a phone call to Bullet Gbakumo, a bread bakery
owner who was sending cash to his customers through
Justinah Uyaini, another trader confirmed that his money
was N400,000.

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