Boko haram killed soldier and the Nigeria army refuses to release corpse

As shared by Cecilia.....
'Rest in peace our heroes.The picture you are seeing is that of
a young Cross riverian his name is Lance coporal Ogar that

was serving his father land in far away sambisa not until the
dreaded boko haram terrorist killed him
as we speak the army is refusing to release his body to his
family until and unless they hear or receive direct order from
above and this can only go through if our distinguished senator
sen mrs Rose oko or HON Jarigbe Agom or someone at such
level of authority or power speaks please let us forward this
message until justice prevails, Gabriel Bravo Oluohu Declan
Ogar-Genesis Declan Ogar-Genesis Sunny Omagu Ogar Egbara
Emmanuel Ikaba Adoga Michael Oyi Thompson Idagu Yeche
Monday Odaji Jnr Monday Dico Odey please help
this distress message was forwarded to me by his colleague
and he said if nothing is done immediately his corpse will be
burried at sambisa thank you'.

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