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Husband stabs wife to death for refusing him sex

A 26-year-old man allegedly killed the mother of his one-
month-old baby boy for refusing him sex in Midrand, South
The man, said to be originally from the Eastern Cape,
allegedly stabbed his 23-year-old girlfriend, Isabella Dease
repeatedly, leaving her body in an open veld in President
Park outside Ivory Park, Midrand.
The horrific murder happened on Saturday, 14 days before
the start of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against
Women and Children campaign.
Charles Dease, the grieving father Isabella (inset) said he
wishes a death sentence could be imposed on the man who
killed his daughter.
"He deserves a death sentence. It was painful nd traumatic
when I saw the bloodied body of my girl."
He said his daughter had been stabbed several times in the
neck, but a police source said her throat had been slit with
a kitchen knife.
According to police sources, the man made two statements
to the police, in one of the statements confessing to killing
his girlfriend.

A source said the man had called the police to report that
his girlfriend had been killed by two unknown men driving in
a black BMW sedan.
"He said to the police that he left the house with his
girlfriend to buy baby clothes in Midrand. He claimed they
were accosted by a black BMW with two occupants.
"He said the passenger started to have a conversation with
the girlfriend and it appeared the passenger and the mother
of his child were acquaintances."
The source said the man claimed the two men made a U-
turn near Grand Central Airport and took them to a secluded
area where he was pointed at with a firearm while the
occupant dragged his girlfriend out of the car and stabbed
her to death.
However, further investigation revealed the statement made
to the police was false.
Another source said after hours of interrogation, the man
confessed to killing his girlfriend for refusing to have sex
with him since she was breastfeeding the infant.
"He confessed and he later showed the police a knife he
used to kill her and also his blood-stained clothes. After
killing her he rushed to Ivory Park where he changed his
black shoes and wore brown ones. We are also trying to
find two missing phones of the woman."
Dease described his daughter as a calm person, very quiet
and introverted. He said his daughter studied tourism at
Ekurhuleni West College, adding that the family would take
care of her child.
On Sunday, family and community members gathered in a
corrugated shack to offer prayers. Several family members
frantically fought back tears.
Midrand police spokesman Warrant Officer Mmakgomo
Semono confirmed a man had been arrested and charged
with the murder of his girlfriend.
"The man had earlier given police different stories as to
what happened. He will appear in the Wynberg Magistrate's
Court today."
According to the family, Dease is expected to be buried at
GaMatlala village in Limpopo on Saturday.

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