Illegal immigrant raped and impregnated his 15-year-old step daughter

An illegal immigrant who wanted to secure his stay in the
United States decided to do that by having a baby who is a
citizen, so he raped and impregnated his 15-year-old
Horacio Alvarado, 32, who lives in Milwaukee allegedly
impregnated the girl when she was 15. Then when the baby
was born - a boy - Horacio sought a paternity test and when
the result came out positive, he kept the result with him at
all times to use in case immigration officers picked him up.
The stepdaughter, now 22, is being interviewed by police
over the sex scandal allegation. She told authorities her
stepfather raped her several times a week from when she
was 14 until she was 18 years old. The alleged abuse
continued even after she gave birth to his child.
The woman told police that Alvarado allegedly assaulted her
when her mother, Linda Alvarado, was at work or sleeping
late at night.
Alvarado was charged last month with a slew of sex assault

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