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Lagos open air brothel where prostitutes have sex standing, squatting

Open air brothel where prostitutes shun ‘missionary style’
November 19, 2017 • By CHIJIOKE IREMEKA reports
•‘I almost slept with my brother’
Sunday Telegraph’s tour of the den of prostitutes in Ejigbo,
Lagos, led to, indeed, a big discovery about the activities of
the ‘scarlet of the night’ and their perverse sexual lifestyles.
Bricks and Mortar brothel may have been undesirable for
them as they have sex in the open. CHIJIOKE IREMEKA
‘One Corner’ the instant erotic dance popularised by,
Patapaa Amisty, a Ghanian musician, best explains what
prostitutes do in open air brothel in Ejigbo LCDA, Lagos
State. Sunday Telegraph’s tour of the community was,
indeed, a voyage of discovery of perverse sexual lifestyles
of prostitutes in Ejigbo.
On three different occasions, our reporter visited the
location, it’s no longer bricks and mortar four walls brothel
but now an open air where passersby view live pornography
shows free. In the open air brothel, missionary style is
The ‘One Corner,’ brothel is structured in a way that it
admits multiple sexual partners which enables users to have
a feel of what obtains at the other partners’ end. The
sexually perversed partners are always at liberty to borrow a
style from others within the brothel.
Quickies best elucidate the Reproduction here as there was
neither mattresses or synthetic nor raffia mats to lie on
except for empty bags of cement sutured together to make
a low-range covering.
After payment of N200 to the owners of the brothel and
N500 to the prostitute, the gate is opened for sex partners.
Others, who came in vehicles, do their quickies there.
It was gathered that there is random selection of the core
girls for ‘one corner dance’ especially in the early hours.
Most of them, who spent all night clubbing and drinking
usually cool off before leaving the club house. This session
is for those who do not want to take prostitutes home.
Sunday Telegraph learnt that this was the reason the
environment is littered with used condoms and tissue
papers in the early hours of the morning. Some of those
who can’t gain access to the club house, defecate in some
dark places.
Ejike Okoro, a regular caller at the club told our reporter
that: “After clubbing, we enjoy ourselves before going home.
I don’t take prostitutes to my house. They can be very
heartless and mean. They steal, sometimes they are fetish
and they are very desperate. So, the best bet is to do it here
and let them go. Besides, you spend less, doing it here.”
Bunmi Adesina is one of the main movers at the club, who
took our reporter to a corner for share of her sexual
benevolence. She made a futile effort to persuade our
reporter to do it at the back of a kiosk, adjacent Egigbo
LCDA, since our under cover reporter confessed not to have
money to pay for short time in a hotel.
Adesina, who insisted she will make do with bend-down
quickie style insisted that she must be paid N500, while the
ready to go ‘home service’ goes for N4, 000. She revealed
that she prefers short-time to the more cumbersome all
night service as she makes more money going for several
rounds at the brothel or by the corner.
She disclosed that on a good day, she makes as high as
N15, 000 every night on quickie, adding that no home
service can give her such amount.
She noted: “All you need to do is to pull your trousers a bit
down and penetrate through the back. You will enjoy it.
Most men like doing it from the back. The other option is
for you to sit in your car and carry me, and we do the real
thing inside your car. But if you want to take me home, I will
charge you N4000.”
Bunmi added that, they used to have some people whose
job is to make small covering and collect N200 for anyone,
who want to make use of it. The best style in the open air
brothel is kneeling and bending as there is no space for
missionary style.
A half-Unclad Joy Stephen, at the entrance of the Ejigbo
LCDA side of the park is also willing to enter the open air
brothel with our under cover reporter who pretended to be a
customer for a show of different styles.
Without mincing words, she said, “I won’t go to your house,
it’s okay for us here. Or how many rounds you want do?
Your house dey far. Make we do am here nah. Any amount
you give me I will take instead of going home. This one
pays me more. If I get eight customers, it’s okay for good
business. Call baba, he will show us where to stay if you
don’t want to stay that place. I go do everything to you
here,” she quipped in pidgin English.
Blessing Nwankwo, who declared that she was lured into
prostitution by her neighbour said she used to do all styles
in the open air brothel until officers the Special Anti-
Robbery Squad (SARS) cameras scattered our business.
After that experience, she has been avoiding customers
with strange ideas.
She revealed that, the whole started after she saw the
affluent lifestyle of a lady she admired in her neighborhood
and was bent on knowing what she does. Eventually, she
was introduced to a night club, where men go home with
them and gave them some good cash.
“Right now, it has become part of me and I cannot stop.
Though, I make money sleeping with men, sometimes I
have sex without money. I’m used to sex. So anywhere, any
time I’m available. I can do it here, I can do it at home. But
I’m not telling you not to pay me ooo,” she added.
However, our reporter’s three days visit to this perverse
centre was smooth from Cele Express to Jakande Gate,
Oke-Afa. Perhaps, one needs not ask questions as
collection of skimpy and half-Unclad dressed ladies draw
attention to the Nite Club, located at the next Bus-stop,
NNPC Fuel Station/Junction.
This club assumes two different statuses. In the morning,
it’s quiet and calm but becomes den of prostitutes and
clubbers at night. If you miss your way going there in the
morning, the same will not be the case in the evening as
the busy activities of prostitutes grab ones’ attention.
The club house is fizzy, with the prostitutes outside the club
and Ejigbo LCDA gates almost out numbering the men who
they flock around for possible patronage.
The club named New Romeo and Juliet shares common
perimeter fence with Ejigbo LCDA, making the council’s
premises one of the most sought after open air brothels.
Some security guards attached to the LCDA were allegedly
part of the administrators of the open air brothel, an
allegation they denied.
The LCDA/Romeo and Juliet have wide parking space for
vehicles, and this forms a big converging centre for the core
girls, while the entrance to the Club is guarded by bouncers.
On arrival, however, a well-shaped girl with rounded hips,
Jessica Asika, from Ogwashi-Ukwu in Delta State, sighted
our correspondent and came for a possible patronage.
“Hello sweetie, you are here,” she said as if she knew him
as a regular customer. After a response from our
correspondent, she appealed: “I’m thirsty. Please, help me
with water,” a request, which was granted by our
Shortly after this, the prostitute became an Oliver Twist and
said, “I’m hungry, please help me with N100 bread, I will eat
it with my water.” Seeing that she was experiencing lull in
the business that first night, our reporter granted her request
and added a bottle of bottled soft drink instead of water.
Seemingly mannered, though the reason for her involvement
in the business of prostitution is complicated, she turned
down the request to have a quickie at the open air brothel
or behind the kiosk, saying: “I don’t want ‘one corner.’ There
are places for short time. I don’t want police to arrest me
and you won’t like being beaten by the police while on
boxers. I don’t like that place.”
According to her, until last month, Ejigbo LCDA premises,
and the adjourning building, including open air, are the
places ‘one corner’ quickies take place. She said the brothel
doesn’t ensure proper coverage of the people as passersby
see them while having sex.
“We can Bleep there, pointing at one of short-time rooms,
but I won’t go to the open air because police come to raid
the place. Before, we used to settle the police officers and
security guards attached to the Ejigbo LCDA until SARS
came and arrested some people. Some guys were arrested
half-Unclad and I am sure you won’t want such
embarrassment, “she said.
She insisted that there are different short time brothels that
can be used for N1000 instead of going to open air brothel.
She added that the open air brothel goes for as cheap as
N500 and even N200.
“I like short time because I make more money. On a good
day, I can take as much as seven men per night if I decide
to go on short time. I choose my customers. One of the
criteria is that, such a person must be neat. I don’t do dirty
people,” she said.
To our reporter, who requested sex without payment, she
said after laughing, “Yes, we are friends already. Well, if you
become my friend, you will pay once in a while, but if you
don’t have money, you will not pay.
I like you; at least, you are fine. So, I can have sex with you
without pay but when you have, you help me too,” she
Also on expected styles, she said, “If you pay well, I will
give you all the styles you like, if not, I will give you normal
The styles depend on the amount customers are willing to
I almost slept with my brother – Susan
Susan Esemene is indifferent about going to the open air
brothel. She almost slept with her relative in one of her
expeditions. She didn’t know that a client she brought into
her room hails from her village in Agbor. God so kind, the
customer spoke her native dialect and discussion ensued.
“God saved me one day, I almost had sex with a relative.
When we were ready for the action, he spoke my native
dialect and I asked if he was from Agbor. By the time we
were done discussing, we were from the same village.
“We can’t even marry for you to know how close we are.
And the guy was like, what are you doing here, and what
pushed me to this? I told him my story (Discordant story)
and he wanted to help me but I told him that I won’t work
for anybody again. I want to do business of my own.
“My parents live in Asaba, Delta State, while I live alone in
FESTAC Town, Lagos. Since then, before I do anything with
anybody that I don’t know, I ask questions.Eventually, the
guy gave me N1,000 and left without doing anything. He
couldn’t even go for another woman that night again. We
later exchanged phone numbers.
“How can I do runs where I live? I might run into somebody
that knows me. They don’t know what I do,” she said,
responding to the question, why she doesn’t operate in
FESTAC, where a number of good Nite clubs exist.
She stated that she took to prostitution after her boss
demanded for sex from her. This claim sounded
superfluous. Susan is hoping and believing God that one day
she will get married to a God-fearing man.
“The open air brothel is a make shift tent where the owners
collect as low as N200 per round of sex. You don’t lay there
rather you squat or you bend while the man penetrates from
the back. It’s not hidden even other people passing will be
seeing you while you do that. Though, it is about everybody
minding their own business here. She can charge N500 or
N700 per round in open air. For me, I’m N1000 or nothing
for you.”
Ihuoma Maduforo, another prostitute said, “I like short time.
If I can do three to four short times in one night I am done
for the day. The money paid depends on the mood of the
customer. Sometimes the Yahoo boys can pay us N3,000 or
N5000 for short time. So, if I am lucky to see a Yahoo boy
who gives me N5000 for each round, I will go home happy.
That is good business for the day.”
It’s source of worry – Residents
Residents of Ejigbo by NNPC said it’s a horrible sight to
behold. “If you come out in the night you will feel sorry for
our women and men, who patronise the prostitute here.
There is no value to womanhood anymore in this part of
Lagos and I wish that human right groups can do something
urgent about the terrible situation here.
“I learnt that SARS tried to stop the activities of the
prostitutes reacting to series of petitions written by
landlords and residents but it has continued unabated,”
Mrs. Georgina Adekanbi, a resident told our reporter.
Paul Odueme, one of the residents of the community said,
“It is a source of worry to some of us that lives around
there. I didn’t even know that such a thing exist there until
somebody pointed it out to me.”
Pastor Victor Obiora said those are the signs of end-time,
adding that there is the need for serious evangelism in such
areas. He lamented that such evangelism cannot be done
without cash to empower the young girls.
“Churches can come up with programmes to rehabilitate
prostitutes who want to quit the job and empower them
with artisan skills and other businesses that give them some
comforts. If not so, after such conversions, they still go
back to their vomits. We will not condemn them, they are
the ones Christ died for and sent to the church to recover,”
he said.
However, the Managing Director, New Romeo and Juliet,
Mr. Iyke Egegbara, said he runs event centre, VIP Lounge,
and open bar and have no business with the prostitutes
outside his premises, saying that, he has security personnel
that protects his customers.
He said, “Let me clear this misconception. My customers
are the ones within my premises and not the ones outside.
We have always made the announcement that anybody that
comes for the Nite Club should come in and standing
outside is at person’s own risk.
“Our security personnel are inside here and they protect
those inside. Though we have few others whose job is to
secure the cars outside, but all vehicles are parked at
owners’ risk. You can see, outside our premises is well lit,
so I don’t know how and where the young girls could have
sex there. We have mounted CCTV cameras here to help us
monitor the activities outside.
“If you are pointing at that side, then, that is local
government premises and not New Romeo and Juliet. The
only thing I can tell you is that, few weeks ago, some touts
organsied some people and apportioned spaces for them to
sell hot drinks and other products on the Ejigbo LCDA
“When that came to my notice, I called the attention of the
Local Government and they were eventually sent away. So,
we do not encourage prostitution or open air chalets here as
you have said. We run lounge here.
“You can see banks and council on the both sides of our
business area. New Romeo and Juliet Lounge runs three
major businesses: the open bar, event centre and VIP
Again, one of the people selling inside the club, Chinedu
Mba, said they have no business with the core girls. “They
come around because they see young guys clubbing here.”
When Sunday Telegraph visited Ejigbo LCDA to comment on
the allegation that its premises are used for the different
forms of sexual pervasion, our reporter was told that the
council doesn’t have a Public Relation Officer who would
have responded officially to the assertions.
Mr. Opesetan, the Human Resources Manager, was also not
available and would only be able to comment of the issue
next week.
However, a security officer, Mr. Yusuf Adejumo, said, if our
reporter can wait until next week, he would meet him.
Adejumo stressed that all management staff had gone out
for one assignment or the other. “There was a time petition
on such situation was raised, but after investigations, it was
discovered that such claims were fake. We have security
men here and such will not be allowed,” he said.
When contacted to comment on the weird things happening
at the premises of the Ejigbo LCDA, the Lagos State Police
Public Relation Officer, SP Olarinde Famous-Cole, tried to
establish the fact that those activities are happening there
and he queried:, “Do you have any evidence of what you are
saying? Evidence like video clip or have you been there
yourselves? It’s weird to believe, so please send me a text
message so that I can get the DPO of that area to comment
on what has been the situation. Let’s us not act on
Speaking on whether prostitution has been legalised in
Nigeria, and why such activities should be allowed to
happen under the police watch, he said never will anybody
do that. “Without calling the DPO, I can tell you that we
cannot condone any act of disorderliness in the state or
actions that would disturb the peace of the people in the
“I’m sure if such had happened before in this community it
definitely not going to be in the last two months. You
mentioned that SARS came and raided everywhere. So, it’s
on record. If you can go there with the DPO of Ejigbo on
mufti to find out whether such acts are still happening there.
I will appreciate, if it turns out to be true, I can assure that
we will make arrest and even prosecute ccused persons.
“Police is on top of its game and if anybody sees things
disturbing the peace of the people, do not hesitate to send
an official complaint to us, we shall definitely follow it up
immediately. The police cannot see everything at the same
time, at all times, so we need reports from the public to end
crime in the country. Meanwhile, kindly send a text
message, detailing exactly place to me so that I can get the
DPO to be part of it.”

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