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Man gets pregnant after sleeping with neighbor's wife

Nigerian pastor, Prophet Andrew Ejimadu
popularly known as SEER 1 of Christ Freedom, has claimed to
have healed a 28-year-old man simply identified as Anthony
who allegedly became pregnant after sleeping with his
master's wife in his absence. The pastor who is currently in
South Africa, claims the young man was healed by his
anointing oil.
Below is a report shared by the church online;
Anthony is a 28 years old boy, he has been serving his master
for the past 6 years.
Twelve months ago his master travelled to China to buy
goods, at night the wife to his master went to his bedroom
and seduced him, forcing him to make love to her.
Starting from that day Anthony became pregnant, a baby was
always moving in his tummy, he went to the hospital and the
hospital confirmed that Anthony (a man) was pregnant.
They took him to everywhere including so many churches but
his condition worsened.
Finally they brought him to me, Immediately I Anointed his
tummy with DO AS I SAY OIL, the evil baby disappeared, his
tummy was reduced to a six packed flat tummy within a space
of 2 minutes.

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