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Sex positions that are dangerous to your health

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Missionary is the second most dangerous sex position,
doctors have revealed.
In a new study, published in the Journal of Impotence
Research, experts looked at the “relationship between
sexual position and severity of penile fracture” in
heterosexual partnerships.
They then categorised different sex positions according to
which posed the most danger to men.
The biggest offender was “doggy style,” which causes 41
per cent of penile fractures, the study found.
Missionary was the second most threatening, causing 25
per cent of penile fracture cases, followed by sex with the
woman of top.
The research comes after a recent study which looked at
the UK’s favourite sex positions and revealed that, whilst
most dangerous, “doggy style” is also the most popular

amongst sexually active Brits, with one in four citing it as
their all-time favourite position.
This was followed by women being on top (23 per cent)
and missionary (21 per cent).
'We do not observe differences between the severity of
the penile fracture between the ‘doggy style’ and ‘man-on-
top’, but the ‘doggy style’ had more severity of penile
fracture when compared with ‘woman-on-top,’” the study’s
authors explained.
They gathered data by examining 90 patients who had
been diagnosed with penile fractures and subsequently
assessed the dangers of different sex positions by
analysing the mechanisms of each individual’s injury.
Participants had an average age of 39.
They also found that missionary and “doggy style” showed
more associations with “bilateral fractures of the corpus
cavernosum and urethral lesions.”

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