Muslim lady stabs her son with scissors pulling out the intestines


20-year-old student from East Java, Indonesia has been
arrested for stabbing her own newborn baby out of shame
because she was not married.
According to reports, Fitriana Wibowo, (pictured) a student
Muhammadiyah University gave birth in the bathroom of her
rented hostel room and stabbed the baby with a pair of
The violent crime was revealed after a woman heard cries
of a baby. She informed her husband and they went to
Fitriana's room and found the baby in critical condition. The
suspect was in the bathroom.
Medical examiners confirmed that the baby was stabbed
several times using scissors to cut out the intestines. Some
bruises were also found on the baby's body believed to have
been inflicted by the mother.
It is reported that doctors managed to save the baby and
she is currently guarded at Magoro Hospital. Investigation is
still ongoing.
The stigma of zina (the Islamic term for sin of adultery) is
so strong in some parts of Indonesia that many girls below
the age of 18 get married just to avoid it.

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