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Only two people alive know the coca-cola 'recipe'--- if they die, coca-cola dies

Only two people alive know the Coca-Cola ‘recipe’, and they
aren’t allowed to travel on the same plane in case it crashes.
Other Versions
Only two Coca-Cola executives know Coke’s formula, and
each of them knows only half of it.

Since many years people have been speculating about the
secret formula of world famous soft drink Coca-Cola, and the
ingredients it contains. The curiosity is because the Company
has maintained that at any given time only two people alive
know the Coca-Cola recipe, and allegedly they are not
allowed to travel on the same plane in case it crashes and the
secret goes down with them. Certain versions also claim that
the two Coca-Cola executives each know only half the
formulation of Coke, and together they produce the recipe.
These claims of secret formula of Coca Cola known to only
two people alive are not facts; they are mostly marketing
tactics to keep the consumers curious and interested.
About the ‘Mystery’ of Coca Cola Recipe
Fizzy drink Coca Cola has a distinctive taste and bubbly burn,
and to add to the mystique, a crucial part of the formula was
also given the name ‘7X’. The formula has been a carefully
passed-on ‘secret’ ritual, a written copy of which was held in a
U.S. bank vault for many years, and only a few executives
could see it. The formula has been a trade secret, to an extent
that Coca-Cola pulled out of India in 1977 when the
government insisted to reveal the formula.
Picture of Vault of the Secret Formula at The World of
History of Coca Cola Formula
According to company spokesmen, the first batch of Coca-
Cola was brewed by a pharmacist John Styth Pemberton back
in 1886, who described it as a ”brain tonic and intellectual
beverage.” The original recipe included Coca with Cocaine;
the narcotic was however removed just after the turn of the
century. In February 2011 producers of the radio program This
American Life stumbled upon a list of ingredients of Coca
Cola in an article on the history of the drink, in an old copy of
the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (the hometown newspaper of
Coca-Cola). The article allegedly carried a photo of John
Pemberton’s original recipe of Coca Cola written down by a
friend in a leather-bound recipe book of ointments and
medicines, which was passed down by friends and family for
generations. Responding to that ‘disclosure’, Coca-Cola staff
said “Our formulation is our company’s most valued tunrade

secret, and we will not be coming forward with that formula .”
Picture of Alleged recipe of Coca-Cola
As mentioned in a December 2016 article on abc News
website , the closely guarded secret formula
of Coca Cola was housed in a vault in the SunTrust Bank in
Atlanta since 1925, before the Company moved it to an exhibit
at The World of Coca-Cola (the company’s attraction in
downtown Atlanta), where the public can see the vault. When
asked what’s exactly in the vault, Coca-Cola marketing
manager Jacquie Wansley said that not a lot of people know it
and they do not know how many people know it. But she
suggested the formula has remained the same since the
Video grab of rumor displayed at The World of Coca-Cola
A press release of the Company mentions that after Dr. John
S. Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886, the formula was
kept a close secret, only shared with a “small group” and was
not written down. In 1891 Asa Candler bought exclusive rights
to the recipe and established the Coca-Cola Company. In
1919 Earnest Woodruff and a group of investors bought the
company using money secured by a loan. As part of the
collateral for the loan, Woodruff made Asa Candler’s son
write down the formula for Coca-Cola, which was placed in a
secure vault at Guaranty Bank in New York. Woodruff took the
ownership of it again in 1925 after paying back the loan, and
this time he opted to keep it in a secure storage, in an Atlanta
bank vault at Trust Company Bank (now SunTrust).
The aforementioned facts and the history of the drink suggest
that not just two people, quite a number of people (possibly
including the manufacturing executives) know the Coca Cola
recipe. An old television commercial (second video in this
article) suggested that the Coca Cola formula is held by just
two men (each knowing half), and if one of them should
accidentally fall, there’d be no Coke bottles. In fact through
many advertising campaigns Coca-Cola spread this “only two
people know” myth; it’s just Coke trying to create a buzz and
maintain an image that their soft drink is something awesome
and special.

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