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Questions and answers about UNILORIN admission list on CAPS

*All candidates with Questions should read this.*👇👇👇

[ 9:00 AM] ‪+234 907 207 9739‬: Bro, why is it that Unilorin list didn't come out before jamb caps started asking candidate to Accept the Admission offer
[11/21, 9:07 AM] PLATO✍🏾: It's a new method this year, Before UNILORIN has been adopting the manual style where they will just mark all candidate names in Jamb office, Abuja. This year, Jamb is saying that they should send all the successful names of Candidates on CAPS and they will now approve it. It's the process that's slow and that's what is keeping the University and as they hardly upload 10 names in a day. Assuming CAPS was not introduced, We won't have all this delay, Unilorin would have admit its candidates. It's instructional and all Federal Universities must comply and Unilorin is not an exemption. Already, UNILORIN suggested to Jamb it should be dual but Jamb said No. CAPS is there to capture your admission process, just like you are doing Biometric Verification for registration, If your thumbs are not approved by the machine, of course, You won't proceed with registration. That's the way it's this year. Unilorin already have the names of admitted students and the electronic method caused the delay

*‪Question‬:* Was dere a problem wt d uploading today?
Cos almost no1 saw a status change today?

 *Plato:* Statuses are changing but it's a slow platform. It's the University that is sending names of admitted candidates to Jamb and it's nationwide. Jamb does not give admission, They are just a regulatory body.

*Plato*: How can JAMB give admission to Remedial student based on his or her Remedial course? It's because it's the University that's sending them. Their own is just to approve and that's all.

*Plato*: When admission in progress. It implies something. I was at the Admission Office yesterday and it was confirmed that it's out gradually.

 *Plato:* But 8 department are out yet

*Plato:* 88 department is yet to be released and you are all lamenting.

 *Plato:* Even if Unilorin gives you admission and it's not on Jamb Caps, It's not yet authentic. CAPS is where you will capture your Admission and print your admission letter and no University will clear you departmentally without Jamb Admission Letter


Question: Bro.. How can De Candidates check theirs

*Plato:* D.E is not yet out on caps. It will be available shortly.

*Question:* With 88 more departments to go do you think they can get it all done this week???

 *Plato:* Possibly, Jamb has been informed to enhance their bandwidth so as to ensure fast upload because the CAPS is very slow and they find it difficult uploading even 10 student in a day.

 *Plato:* That's why we implore student to always ask Questions on what's not clear.


*Question*‬: Thank u bro so we that our course mates have seen Admission in progress and we that are seeing not Admitted should calm down too, cuz most of people that scored lower than me have seen Admission in progress

 *Plato:* To buttress, Jamb CAPS is yet to release all the names of those on Merit. Medicine, Computer Science, Economics et al. Those who have not seen should keep checking. They will still admit more.

 *Plato:* What Admission in Progress means is two things. It could mean that Jamb is already processing your name being sent by your University or the University has just sent your name for approval by Jamb.

*QUESTION*: Pls have you seen a person who changed their course during the putme registration given admission?

 *Plato:* Yes, Plenty. What Jamb did was to give them what the University offers them as course.
*Plato*: Someone applied for Law via Jamb and changed his course during Post UTME to CRS. First, They changed his course to CRS on Jamb Caps and the next day, He saw congratulations, you've been offer admission for CRS.

*Question*‬: Thanks but what if its still showing the course you originally applied for on the caps profile
*Plato:* Don't be disturbed. Your original course will be captured by JAMB as approved by the University

*Question*‬: But why lower people are being given Admission and some higher scores still seeing Not Admitted

*Plato:* So far, There is no lower people in Medicine and Law and even Economics. The ones I have seen. You can see in courses like CRS because it's less competitive.

*Question*‬: Thank you very 🙏🏽 you're the best

*Plato*: Welcome Sir.
*Plato:* It's an Admission Flow method. So candidates who sees it see it. I have said that before..

*Question*: With this CAPS issues,how will the management settle remedial students bayi?

*PLATO*✍🏾: The management will settle majority of Remedial students based on courses given to them in Remedial and we have seen many already. Many people who do not see something will only judge. If you are a Remedial student and you have passed Remedial programme and with a reasonable score in Utme and Post UTME, you'll gain admission. Everyone just need to exercise patience, no one is happy with what's going on.

*PLATO* It's called Central Admission Processing System. Many of you didn't follow the 2017 CAPS seminar and that's why you are all confused.

Admissions are being processed. Portal will graduate from something to something in time.

Plato ✍🏿
To buttress, Jamb CAPS is yet to release all the names of those on Merit. Medicine, Computer Science, Economics et al. Those who have not seen should keep checking. They will still admit more.

Plato ✍🏿

All candidates with question should endeavour to read this!

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