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Unilorin admission list is being released gradually

18th November, 2017.
*_It's better you read carefully_*

We wish to inform the general public and potential aspirants that the University of Ilorin Admission list is gradually out on Jamb portal, *We can confirm to you that a few number of candidates from few department have been given admission offer and they are left to either "accept" or "reject" admission as confirmed*.

Candidates seeking admission into the University should login into Jamb website via www.jamb.org.ng/efacility and click on CAPS to check their admission status and click on accept/reject button to either accept or reject the admission offer. *Please, bear in mind that the CAPS is uploaded batch by batch and department by department*. Candidates who have seen "Congratulations, You have been offered admission" should proceed in either accepting or rejecting based on choice. Candidates who have seen 'proposed' or 'recommended' should be rest assured that their names will definitely surface in the University Admission List. We're not speculating, We have confirmed and we're sure.

Candidates whose portal shows "not admitted" yet should not panic because  the process is yet to get to your department or your details is yet to be authenticated by the platform, Keep checking.

We want Aspirants to bear in mind that even if the University gives them admission, *Their admission process can only be approved via the Jamb CAPS and this process cannot be isolated*, Perhaps, Admission letters et al can be done via the Jamb CAPS platform only. Candidates who are seeing "not admitted" should keep checking as they are yet to get to them and this process is very slow because of admission traffic.

We're both in this process together, Ours is to ensure you're well guided and adequately informed about this year's admission process because of its cumbersome nature. We're not writing because of cheap popularity as it's been rumored. We have the popularity already as God is always on our side. *Also bear in mind that the Jamb "Market Place" on CAPS has been activated*, Some schools may suggest admission offer to you, It's your choice to accept or reject their offer, Open your eyes clearly and let your mind follow you.

Please, We have taken our time to explain. You can WhatsApp/Call us *08060948531* for further clarifications. You can also chat up any of our team member for further guidance. Thank You.


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