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Share your happiest moment in 2017

As we round up the year, LoyaltyUpdates wanna make it a sharing moment where you share with other viewers your happiest moment in 2017.
Okay! We'll do it this way. First type #HM2k7 then share your moment (e.g #HM2k7 the day my Dad surprised me with a car)
You also give shoutOuts to the people that made your year great! #SO2k7 then share your shoutouts (e.g #SO2k7 my Dad, Priscilla and Segun)
Remember happy moments are incomplete without sharing your worst moments. So click here to share!
Oya let's go to the comment box below...
Invite friends too to come share their moment(s)


  1. #SO2k7 to my friends, families and loved ones

  2. My #SO2k7 goes to all the followers, readers, viewers and audience of LoyaltyUpdates.

    See you come 2018