Zimbabwean man caught having sex with a prostitute at his wife's funeral

A Zimbabwean man who hails from the community Gweru has left his late wife's family and the community shocked after he was caught having sex with a prostitute at the wake of his wife's funeral.
 The Zimbabwean whose name is Chiturumani went for his wife's burial at her home town due to the fact that he had not yet paid her bride price before her demise, so custom demand the wife be buried wherever her family wants. As guests were been given rooms to sleep a night to the burial, Chiturumani who came along with a lady he claimed to be his sister was also given a room to sleep with his so called sister. Night fell and people had retired to their individual rooms when a man outside started hearing funny sounds from Chiturumani's and his so called sister's room. Funny enough it was Chiturumani (the husband of the dead woman) bleeping " the so called sister he came with" that was later confirmed to be a prostitute. The man then called the attentions of others to the soft moans we was hearing, they went in, and found them having sex

Chiturumani and lady were escorted out half naked and with rounds of slaps.

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