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50 Prophecies Foretold By Apostle Johnson Suleman For 2018

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How do we know a true prophet? When he says a thing and it comes to fulfillment.
  Every prophecy spoken by this man of God over the years are true and fulfilling. During the cross-over service at the Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman foretold 50 prophecies to happen in 2018 ( some are beginning to happen already). Below are the prophecies
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1. Nigeria economy will get better in 2018
2. serial bombings will happen in Nigeria
3. Imo state governor to make governing a family affair
4. Donald Trump's health needs attention
5. Two great Northern kings in open conflict
6. Political blackmail will rise
7. Robert Mugabe, I see death.
8. Bola Tinubu to have public showdown with Buhari
9. Many bloggers to be arrested and jailed
10 A former Nigerian military president will die
11  God says "let Sambo Dansuki go"
12 Nigerian government will disobey court orders
13 Manhunt for Ekiti state governor by FG
14 Wild fire outbreak in an American state
15 Political enemies will rise
16 Church buildings collapse
17 EFCC boss to have major setback
18 news stars to take over Nollywood
19 2018 budget senate & lockjam
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20 NAFDAC pray against fire disaster
21 senate president to be harrased
22 DSS boss to attend to health
23 fresh charge against Atiku
24 attempt to kill FFK's wife
25 Jacob Zuma to suffer humillation
26 Atiku's men will betray him
27 U.K bombings biggest in history
28 channels tv in court crisis
29 major bombings in Egypt
30 America, Asia, Canada to experience hurricanes
31 Ibe Kachikwu to be removed and replaced
32 NTA should pray against death of top boss
33 I see major raid on shoprite Lagos. tighten security
34 fulani herdsmen to enter Lagos and Rivers state en-mass
35 oh America, war in 2018
36 pray against train accident
37  Naira will gain relevance
38  new political party will rise, divides previous parties
39 2019, power will not move from the North
40 political uprise against Osibanjo
41 a Nigerian musician will experience massive media attack sponsered fellow musician of the same genre
42 Nigeria pray against air crash
43 Kardashian family's topsy day
44 Some Nollywood stars to leave Nigeria for better opportunities
45 2018, the year of the army. so much millitary control
46 Goodluck Jonathan should pray against been bereaved
47 Nnamdi Kanu to be locally and internationally embarrased
48 cure will be found to in-cureable diseses
49 Some Northerners to rise seeking for the divide of their own nation
50 America will go to war

NB: take note of this prophecies and share with your loved ones!!!

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