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6 Very Spectacular Reasons Why You Should Get a Custom Domain Name For Your Blog

As a dedicated blogger, it is very much necessary to get your blog a custom domain name.  It so pathetic to see bloggers who claims they are dedicated to blogging using a sub-domain name like .blogspot.com, .WordPress.com, .wix.com e.t.c. Using this, shows that you are not dedicated and efficient and productive at blogging. I know blog hosting might be expensive for new bloggers but domain name is not.

Below are some of the very many reasons why I advise bloggers to get a custom domain name:

1. It increases your Google ranking: As a blogger I know you've heard of SEO right? Yes I guess. Getting a custom domain name helps your blog to rank high during a Google search.
 I was reading about WikiHow few days back and I discovered the month its founder created the blog, (February) that same month nothing less 3.5million traffic views was recorded and one of the reasons that took place was because he got his blog a domain.
  Your blog is more than 6months and you still don't have a domain name. Its a shame. Even a newbie blogger can get a domain name the second he launches his blog.

2. It increases your organic traffic: No doubt when you get a domain name, you'll also get extra organic traffic because it launches your blog into that dipper part of the web for SEO.

3. It shows your visitors how unique you are: Getting a custom domain name tells the person visiting your blog that you're not a scam and that you have come to stay so they can always trust visiting your blog always.

4. It is a step to getting AdSense approval: Please don't get me wrong I did not say AdSense will approve your blog immediately you get a domain name (if your blog does not have other outstanding qualities you'll not be approved) but what I'm saying is that it is a step to getting approved because it tells the team how serious and passionate you are to blogging and not just one who seek for money alone

5. It helps sell your product: Imagine the very big name Amazon having a sub domain of .blogspot.com (I.e  amazon.blogspot.com) what will happen? Jeff (owner of Amazon) will not make as plenty sales and money as he is making now because buyers won't be so trustworthy enough to pay their money on some sub-domain hosted merchandize site and if that happens, Jeff won't be on the number three list of the world's richest men

6: It describes your blog: A custom domain describe a bit about your blog to your visitor before even visiting it. For example if I see a blog with suffix .uk I will know its a United Kingdom blog (even before visiting it), .ng a Nigerian blog, .org an organization, .net a networking site e.t.c. Therefore, a custom domain name describes your blog and it is very necessary you get one.

There are also free domain names like .tk, .ga and many more but I do advice bloggers not to go for them. Go for the ones you'll pay for e.g .com .net. .ng .uk and many more.
After reading this article you should hastily go get a custom domain name for your blog and start enjoying very many amazing benefits. Trust me

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