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Few Reasons Why I discourage The Buying Of An Already Approved AdSense Account

The buying of AdSense account (from other bloggers) is now rampant among bloggers whose application gets rejected over and over again by Google. These set of blogger sees this as the only alternative but they are wrong.

There are a lot of reasons I discourage this act. Here are few:

1. Detection and permanent ban from AdSense program: If Google detect you bought an approved AdSense account for your blog, (of which they will surely do at the long-run) they are gonna give you a permanent ban from AdSense services because this violates the AdSense regulations.
How are they gonna detect?? They surely will because all site (with or without AdSense) is been monitored by Google.

2. Difficulty in withdrawing revenues made: you might find it very difficult to withdraw your earnings at the end of the month. Imagine you earned like $1000 and you wanna withdraw but you are unable to because it telling you no enough bal (whereas there's more than enough) how would you feel if such happen? Unhappy, right? If you don't wanna feel so don't engage in such act

3. Suspension after purchase: It might be after you have successfully purchased the AdSense account (from the other party) that after some days you get a message from AdSense that your account have been suspended for some very little reasons. If such happens, your money is gone because the seller won't refund it. That I'm sure.

4. Wrong revenue entry: This also might occur that ads will be displaying on your site and it won't read any earning for you (after several clicks from visitors) rather it will read for someone else (there by enriching the person's pocket with your own labour). Bad.
I came across a guy who complained of this same issue (though his is a little different).

5. Ads that are not relevants to your niche might be displayed: Imagine someone running a motivational blog with  ads of phone sales just because the person he bought the AdSense account from deals with tech.
Inrelevant ads might be displayed on your blog which might annoy visitors

6. Scam: There is a high percentage (of about 60℅) that you will be scammed and swindled.

So bloggers I urge you not to buy already approved AdSense account from anybody because its preposterous and does more harm than good. Trust me.
When your application is rejected, take not of the reason(s) stated (Google will always state the reason/reasons for disapproving your account), work on it and reapply. The joy of blogging is in making money without fear of ban or suspension.


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