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Important Notice To Everybody That Visits Our Blog

Hi guys! My name is Emmanuel founder I know you all know this blog to be a news, entertainment, and gossip blog with over 10,000 viewers so far. I know how bad this would sound but I wanna tell you guys that in 2weeks time, we would be changing our blogging Niche from news and entertainment blog to a motivational blog.
Why??? That I'll be telling you in my next article on my new niche.

Will the blog be domant? The answer is NO. When you type in into your browser (in the next two weeks) it will redirect you to our new domain name with our new niche.
I know you are wondering did Emmanuel fail his niche as a blogger? Is he quitting blogging completely??? And many other questions you wish to ask. I promise to answer all your questions in the comment box. I'll also be telling you why I changed niche (in the next 2weeks).
I want you to also support us on our new niche and continue visting our blog as you have been doing.
Right now I'm an open book, ask me your questions and I'll reply them.
Please share after reading. Thanks.

Best regards,
Founder (changing soon)

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