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Not All Bloggers/Blogs With AdSense Makes Money

Hey! I know as a blogger  the title of this post might seem stupid to you. Well its not. In this article I will be explaining to your understanding what I mean by "not all bloggers/blogs with AdSense make money".

  Its a pity many bloggers today have taken AdSense (and other ad network) as a  get-rich-quick scheme, that's why most venture into blogging (because of AdSense). I have visited many groups (for blogger) on Facebook where I see alot (very many in number) of people who claim they are bloggers begging for page views and ads click and it left me but to wonder are this people really passionate about blogging at all? I'm sure the answer is NO. How can a blogger be begging for page views and ad click, is it not silly? When you know you don't have organic traffic yet why apply for AdSense? Why not stay cool and focus on building a large audience. Take a look at the blog WikiHow. The founder of WikiHow spent is time building a large number of audience on WikiHow before even applying for AdSense (and other ad network). Now, he does not have to worry about not making enough due to low organic traffic because he already have a lot of viewers visiting is blog daily (Nothing less than 3.5million people).
  It is very possible that as a blogger with low traffic you don't make a dime from AdSense monthly.
Now let's examine this:
AdSense pays per click with CPC of 0.03 (which may be higher in countries like Switzerland and Australia. I will write about the reason/reasons why its so in some of my subsequent articles). With all this mentioned, a blogger with just 50 or 100 daily views now apply for AdSense, luckily got approved. The possibility that such a blogger (with 50 or 100 daily views) will get an ad click out of the above views is just maybe 0.001 (which is almost a no possibility at all). If this now happens, it is very certain that such a blogger can't make upto a threshold of $100 in a month, even in 4months infact ( which is the lowest withdrawable amount from AdSense), and if it continues so, it will either get the blog ban from AdSense program or reduce the blogger to begging for page views and adclicks on social media (which if anyone does this, to me he/she is not a blogger).
Now you can see the reason why I said "not all bloggers/blog with AdSense make money".
If you fall a victim of this, the best thing to do now is to stop pursuing AdSense and focus on driving large organic traffic to your blog.
Alot of bloggers have contacted me (from different countries) and have asked me how they can get high organic traffic on their blog. Well, I have not been able to answer them because I'm planning on writing an e-book on that (explaining everything to them) so they can purchase if interested. You can just comment with your gmail address so I will be able to communicate to you to come get yours when the e-book is ready and also the price you'll get them (for interested bloggers only).

Your goal now should be " building a large organic traffic on your blog".

See you at the top!


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