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Why edited html code do not save on some blogger blogs

Hey! In this article I will be explaining why your html code do not get saved even after editing and clicking save.
This doesn't happen on all blogs, it only happens to those using "the new blogger template/themes" on their blog without having an approved AdSense account.
Follow the steps below to correct this problem:
1. >>>Log in to your blogger dashboard

2.>>> Click on layout
3. >>>Locate the AdSense widget on your layout (they are two in number)
4. >>>click on it and select remove (do the same to the other)
Then go and edit your blog's html again, this time its gonna save. Trust me.

 You can also try the step below:

1. Log in to your blogger dashboard
2. Click on themes
3 select edit html
4. Select " jump to widget" at the top of your html code
5. Scroll till you find AdSense1 and AdSense2
6. Select AdSense1, you will see a set of code attributed to it. Delete them.
7. Do the same to AdSense2 and save.
Any code in now paste on your html is now gonna save. Trust me.

NB: only delete the code associated to it.
Well, for newbies I will suggest you use the no 1 method I mentioned.

Suggestions and questions are welcomed below.
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