Hide Your Phone Number During And After Call With Just This Simple Code

Hiding your phone number is the best way to call anonymously without giving the receiver the chance to call you back. Whenever you hide your phone numbers, it will appear to the receiver as a "private" or "unknown" number.
The code to hiding your phone number varies depending on continent.
  • *67 - Most North American mobile phones; Canada landlines.
  • #31# - AT&T North American phones; Canada mobile phones.
  • 1167 - Most North American rotary phones.
  • 141 - UK phones.

#31# works for Nigerians, North Americans, Canadians and some part of Africa.

How to use code:

For countries using #31# (e.g Nigeria, Canada e.t.c), All you have to do before making the call is type #31#thenumber then dial. E.g #31#08147367859 then press the call button and it will appear to the receiver as private or unknown number

For countries using *67 , press the code and the number before calling e.g *67788671737 then call.

NB: if you hide your number, the receiver will not be able to reach you after the call.

Try it and share your results!

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