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What's your opinion on PDP convention tomorrow? Who will emerge?

Hey guys! As we all know, it's few hours to the long awaited PDP convention in River State. This convention will be a destiny decider for the party as they are expected to bring out a man strong enough to pull down Buhari.
Who could this be?

Will Wike's anointed candidate Tanbuwal win??

Can Saraki pull another trick?

Or is it Atiku's mandate?
How about Kwankwaso, Dankwambo, Lamido, Shekarau, Makarfi, Bafarawa, Baba Ahmed?? Should we still mention Jang? Lol

Comment your opinions below and don't forget to invite your friends to come share theirs' too.

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  1. Let me be the first to comment. I think if Atiku's can get Saraki to step down for him, he might win. Ahbi

  2. In mine own candid opinion, its like history beckons again and this time PDP must make the right choice by fielding the best candidate out of the pack. If you ask me, my choice is Atiku Abubakar, why? He alone out of the rest of them possess the real quality, charisma and mien of a true leader Nigeria needs now. At a time now that Nigeria is more divided than ever, we need a true father figure and a detrabilized administrator, that man is Atiku!

  3. I agree with you a bit Tope, but Saraki plays the card best. So clever.
    I also heard that Dankwambo, Mark and Lamido may step down for Tambuwal. He's While candidate