I Will Defeat Abdulrazak And Atunwa In The 2019 Kwara State Governorship Election — PPN Candidate Barr Paul Ajiroba

I will defeat Atunwa and Abdulrazaq in the forthcoming
Gubernatorial election in Kwara State.

The youngest governorship aspirant in Kwara State,Barr Paul Ajiroba of Peoples Party of Nigeria has confidently affirmed that he will surely defeat the major contenders in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Kwara State.

He said this at his residence in Ilorin that he is not intimidated by Abdulrazak Abdulrahman of All Progressive Congress and Razak Atunwa of Peoples Democratic Party due to the money they have or the party they belong to.

He added that both aspirants are just toothless bulldog which cannot bite but they can bark.As the youngest aspirant,I have over 800,000 followers in Kwara State which will surely canvass votes for me in the forthcoming election.

He also said that he is aware that some aspirants are to used  vote buying in winning the election, Moreso some are already buying voters card from electorates to win the election.He said, with or without this electoral malpractices inclusive of money politics he will be declared the winner of the election in 2019.

He therefore advised the electorates not to sell their future with a meagre amount which will be given by desperate politicians.

He added that money politics must be discouraged and people should defend their votes.

Also, electorates should vote in new blood to the system for new innovations and developments in the forthcoming elections.

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