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Nigerians Must Desist From Two Party System In The Forthcoming Elections — Barr Paul Ajiroba

Nigerians must desist from two party system in the forthcoming elections:

The Gubernatorial Candidate of Peoples Party of Nigeria in Kwara State, Barrister Paul Ajiroba has warned electorates not to vote for any of the two popular political parties in Nigeria in the forthcoming general elections in 2019.

Speaking at his residence in Ilorin, Kwara State, he said that the Political bigwigs only join popular political parties to satisfy their selfish interest devoid of ideology and selfless services to the nation.He added that a good politician must not jump from one popular political party to another if truly he has something to offer to his community.

For instance, in Kwara, thesame set of people that have been ruling the State since the Creation of KWARA  since 1967 up to 1999 when democracy came back in full to Nigeria are still in power.From Commissioner, to House of Assembly member, from House of Assembly member to House of Representatives, from House of Representatives to the office of the Governor, yet there is no development in the State.

Despite all the power rotation, we are under developed with bad roads, poor infrastructure,lack of social amenities in the  State,non payment of salaries, insecurity, unemployment and financial exploitation under the guise of collecting tax.

Must we continue with the popular political parties after they have failed us? The answer is NO because they don't have anything to offer rather than to steal our money and resources.

Leadership is not about popular political parties or financial inducement but selfless service, discipline and past antecedent.

He further added that voting for popular political parties in the forthcoming elections is a waste of vote which Nigerians will not benefit from the dividend of democracy because of cabals.

He enjoined the electorates particularly in Kwara State not to vote for popular political parties but rather to give a trial to other parties which they will surely perform better than the popular parties because of new ideology and agenda.

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