Minimum Wage: Non-implementation Of The #30,000 In Kwara State Is Un-democratic — PPN candidate, Barr Ajiroba

Non-implementation of the thirty thousannd Naira Minimum wage in Kwara state is undemocratic.

The youngest and energetic Gubernatorial Candidate of Peoples Party of Nigeria said that non implementation of #30,000 Naira Minimum wage is undemocratic to the civil servants in Kwara State.

He said this at a Gubernatorial debate organised by Joint Kwara Labour Congress held at the NUT Secretariat,Asadam, Ilorin,Kwara State on 16th of January, 2019.He made this known during his debate that civil servants are underpaid by the State Government.

He further buttressed his points that considering the economy of the state as a civil servants State, the state should not be the least paid in the country but one of the best paid.He said some graduates are even being paid less than #30,000 monthly while some workers are paid less than #10,000 monthly, this is an assault to human dignity.

He therefore enjoins the civil servants not to vote for a Party that is not concerned about their welfare all these years.

He promised the civil servants that the first assignment in office after being sworn in on 29th May,2019 is to implement the minimum wage.He promised the Civil Servants of minimum wage of #35,000 if voted in not #30,000.

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