Voting Fresh Blood Is The Solution To Our Problems In Kwara State — Barr Paul Ajiroba

Voting new blood is the only Solution to our problems in KWARA STATE.

The visionary Gubernatorial Candidate of Peoples Party of Nigeria in Kwara State, Barrister Paul Ajiroba has assured the good people of Kwara State  that the only solution to our problems in our dear State is for the electorates to vote in new blood into the system.

He said this in his interview that we cannot keep doing the same thing thesame way and expect different result.The practising legal practitioner said since the inception of Kwara State since 1967 the same set of people have been ruling the State, yet no changes.Should we continue like this and expect developments in the State?The answer is no.

He further added that the only solution to our problem in Kwara is to vote for new blood in 2019.The future of Kwara  State is dependent on our ideological voting in 2019 and that will determine our future and the future of generations to come.

He enjoins the people not to practice democracy in the forthcoming elections the way it has been practised in the past.

He therefore urge Kwarans to elect new blood into the system for new ideas into all the elective seats in the State without which we will continue with our archaic and under developed lifestyle.

No doubt, Kwara State is backward in all things compared to other states, but we can take it to the promise land and be the best in Nigeria.

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