Postponement Of Election: An Insult To Nigeria Democracy — PPN Gubernatorial Candidate

Postponement Of Election:An Insult to Nigeria Democracy.

It is sad that a well prepared election for the past four years was postponed by INEC.

The Gubernatorial Candidate of Peoples Party of Nigeria in Kwara State in  person of Barrister Paul Ajiroba bitterly condemned the postponement of elections by INEC.

He said that INEC is not fair enough in postponing the elections.He further buttressed his points that resources have been wasted by private individuals and government.The postponement of the election ridiculed the intergrity of Nigeria before the international community. 

He therefore urge INEC not to be used as a tool in rigging the elections by desperate politicians.Moreso, INEC should not sabotaged the efforts of electorates in Nigeria due to this unorganized processes.

He hereby call on his supporters to be calm and law abiding that their mandate will not be taken away from them in this election.

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