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Barr Ajiroba Admonishes The Governor Elect On 'The Kwara We Want'

The Kwara we want:

The Gubernatorial Candidate of Peoples Party of Nigeria in Kwara State in 2019 election,Barrister Paul Ajiroba, expressed his views about how Kwara should be in the next four years.

Kwara State is our state which we kwarans doesn't have anywhere to go other than to develop our dear state.

Since the creation of Kwara since 1967, the state has experienced lots of underdevelopment in all sectors, ranging from political to development al infrastructure, to civil service just to mention but few. Despite all these challenges,the good liberators rose against the political tyranny in the State fighting till the end of the political tyranny.
 Now that the tyrant is gone, Kwarans are  full of  expectations in this government which the people must not be let down.
The Kwara we want is a Kwara close to the grassroot, a Kwara that a common man can boast of the state anywhere in the world.
We want a Kwara that the source of daily income of an individual is worth boasting of in and outside the state. We want a Kwara that outsiders rush to our state for greener pastures. We want a Kwara  devoid of religious sentiment in employment and appointment. We want Kwara with competent leadership devoid of political imposition. We want Kwara of maximum participation of youths and women in governance.

We want Kwara where Councilor will act as Councilor, where Chairman of Local Government will act as Chairman Local Government, Honourable members will act Honourable member, Senator will act as Senator and Commissioner will act as Commissioner.
We want Kwara that our civil servants will be better paid. A Kwara that is well commercialised with good infrastructure.

A Kwara that the public fund is used for the members of the public.A kwara that the future of our children is protected and guaranteed. We want Kwara where all Kwarans will all benefit from dividend of democracy.
This is the Kwara we all clamour for in this government.

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