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Why Affliate Marketing Might be better than AdSense For Monetising

Hi guys! In this article I will be discussing "why affiliate marketing may be better than AdSense" in term of earning. First, I would like to state that anyone reading this article and earning from AdSense than affliate marketing will disagree. On the other hand, those earning from affiliate marketing than AdSense will agree with me — that's one of the ironies of life; people support anything that works for them even if they've not tried the other, which might be better.

 In this article, I will be supplying you facts to support my claim. If you disagree with me, do well to make your opinion known via the comment box. The following are reasons why affliate marketing may be better than AdSense in term of earning:

1.  Inequality of niche in AdSense: yes! You'll all agree with me that AdSense are niche sensitive when it comes to monetising. Bloggers on health, education, or tech niche has higher CPC than those in News and/or entertainment niche. With this bias in CPC for some particular niche and not others leave bloggers on this low CPC niche with very low income. Affliate marketing on the other hand don't do such a thing, as you get paid on the basis of the customers you invite to purchase goods/services from the company you are an affliate of. Unlike Adsense, Affliate Marketing (AM) do not make use of CPC and your blogging niche do not matter.

 2.  Low AdSense income for some countries: this is another reason why AdSense may not favour some but AM might. Some particular countries especially those in the Asian continent do have difficulty in getting their AdSense application approved, talk more of earning. This countries which include India and some others has been treated a little badly compared to others. Getting clicks from such country will only generate you very little income compared to others. But AM allows you to earn from and in every country of the world without favouring a country than another.

 3.  Policies than restrict some niches from using AdSense: Google AdSense has restrictions to some niches, therefore they on such niche cannot monetize using AdSense. This niche include; adult and sex scene , guns and ammunition and a few others. This restrictions would not allow blogger on any of these niches monetize from AdSense but not in the case of AM. In AM, there are no restrictions to what you can earn as to your niche.

 4. Payment agreement in AM on each sale made: after registering with a company as an affliate, you get to see their payment agreement which is a certain percentage per-sale. This percentage may range from 1% to as much as 20% on a single sale. AdSense cannot provide you with this, as you only get paid on the stance of the CPC of the ads served to your site. AM provide you the opportunity to choose the type of products you'd like to show to your blog visitors.

 So as not to make this article too long, I will stop here but I hope you can see clearly that in earning, AM may be better than AdSense. You can ask questions and share your opinion and disagreements by using the comment box below!

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